What's a clever mat and how can it support mealtimes?

What's a clever mat and how can it support mealtimes?

Less mess. More success.

Your suction dinnerware is only as good as the surface you put it on. If you're finding it lifts easily - you can test whether it's the PRODUCT or the SURFACE letting you down by putting sticking the clean plate/bowl to your clean counter top or to a window!! Those surfaces are smooth and don't let any air sneak underneath to break suction.

If your table or tray isn't sticking stuff so well then clever mats can really help. We've engineered that super sticky circle to be the perfect surface for suction dinnerware to adhere to. PLUS it helps your little one to set the table by themselves and know where things go.

There's no mat like it. Just go check our reviews.
"My girl loves this mat & placing everything in the right area. It also makes the suction bowls & plates impossible to get off which is great for toddlers" - Melissa, Canterbury.

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