Getting through the 'Messy eating stage'

Getting through the 'Messy eating stage'

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To get better at skateboarding, kids need to practice skateboarding. This involves falling off, but they get better with repetition and practice and learning from mistakes. They wouldn't improve if we held them on the board the whole time.

So it makes sense that to get better at managing their food, kids need to PRACTICE managing their food. They need opportunities to make a mess and learn from it. They work out how exactly to move their hands, the cause and effect of moving too quickly, how big a mouthful to take and how to manage it in their mouth. When parents try to reduce all mess by placing foods in pouches, bottles, special cups and containers or continually spoon feeding- we're taking away that cause and effect, and we re reducing the opportunities to practice. Our kids can only improve with practice.

OF COURSE there's a time and a place. If your routine dictates that you HAVE TO have breakfast in the car then for sure have a vessel that's going to save your seats! But it just pays to be mindful that our kids don't actually need gadgets, they need practice and repetition and the permission to be messy along the way.


Smoothie recipe:
🍓frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, 1 banana, 2 weetbix, milk, greek yoghurt and a dash of honey and cinnamon

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