Asking Kids to set the table

Asking Kids to set the table

⬇️ This can help with difficult mealtimes.

It seems a bit old-school, but having kids set the table has way more benefits than just "it helps out the parents".

Consider these:

➕MATHS. Counting out cutlery for everyone or even just themselves is a maths activity.

🌟SELF-ESTEEM. They've been entrusted to do this job that adults typically do. It feels good.

🤌CONFIDENCE. They're mastering life-tasks and feeling like they've achieved something.

🥹BELONGING. They are a key part of the family unit with a role to play to keep the place running smoothly.

👍RESPECT. They're showing respect for their family, for their environment and for themselves.

🤚AUTONOMY. It's giving them the independence to do things for themselves. It's this powerful feeling of control that can reduce power struggles at the table. After all, coming to the table and eating food we've made is something we really want them to do. It's on our agenda and they can feel powerless when mealtimes are dictated by routine and what we decide to cook. This burst of power can be what they need to feel more in control of their surroundings and be happier to be at the table.

It's absolutely worth a try if mealtimes are becoming tense and tiresome in your home.

You've got this.

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