Clever Recipe: Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

Clever Recipe: Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

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Smoothies are one of the BEST THINGS to put in an open cup because smoothies FLOW SLOWER than water.

🌊Fast flowing water can sometimes startle children who are learning to use an open cup and they end up spluttering and losing confidence.

👄Because we know that using an open cup supports children's oral motor development, teeth, jaw and swallow - I always recommend that parents don't put smoothies in vessels with straws.

Instead - serve smoothies in a open cup like our Clever Cup, you can fill it quarter or half way if you're worried about mess.

🤌remember that our children HAVE TO MAKE MESS in order to learn, so to restrict all mess is to restrict their practice and their learning. The more they practice, the better they'll get and the less messy they'll be!! Chuck a messy mat under the high chair if you're worried!

- frozen mixed berries
- frozen mango
- half a banana
- yoghurt
- milk


You've got this!

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