Clever Mat Scones

Clever Mat Scones

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There's only so much I could take of my kids fighting over toys and struggling to engage in independent play. I decided to set up this baking activity with them so I could support them to help each other and reap all the rewards for that at the end with delicious baked goods.

We always bake with our clever mats - the reverse side is non-stick and a great surface for the kids to use cookie cutters etc - then I simply lift it up and put it on an oven tray.

3.5 cups of flour
5tsp baking powder
1/4tsp salt
1.5 cups of milk
80g butter (room temp)

Sieve dry ingredients together then massage in butter with fingertips until breadcrumb consistency. Add milk and stir into a soft, slightly sticky dough.

Split into 12-16 balls and spread evenly on clever mat. Press down a little. Brush tops with milk and bake at 220° for 12m or until brownish on top.

Clean up:
Grease or oils on your silicone wear can build up and cause stains or brown spots. Most are easily removed with washing up liquid that cuts through grease and a non-abrasive sponge. There's heaps of other ways of scrubbing out stubborn stains, from using bleach to baking soda to loosening stains in the oven. Dr google has you covered. Always use the rear, shiny side of your clever mat to place your baking on :)


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