How to teach your toddler to eat with cutlery

How to teach your toddler to eat with cutlery

Never underestimate your toddler!

Our little ones are capable of way more than we think - they just need opportunities and practice.

I've designed clever Cutlery to make it much easier for children to practice their knife and fork skills.

The handles are thick, extra grippy and the thicker neck stops their slippy little hands from sliding down into the stainless steel ends.

Clever Cutlery's knife has little serrations - just like an adults butter knife, and the fork is also just sharp enough to successfully pick up food.

Clever plates are purposely designed without sections. Sections can increase pickiness around food textures mixing, plus they make it nearly impossible to use a knife and fork! Clever plates resemble an adult plate and they have a fantastic suction base to create a stable surface for zelous sawing with a knife and fork!

They come with a WATER-TIGHT lid, plus they're oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Win win.

Watch the full reel here

Etta (in the video) just turned 2. We give her lots of exposure, zero pressure and we all model cutlery use at the table.

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