Clever Plate with lid

Type: Clever Plate
Colour - Sage

We've done our best to capture our beautiful product colours accurately but they may vary depending on your screen settings.

A suction plate with a water-tight lid? Yep - we did that. 

We're SO PASSIONATE  about kids' plates not being divided into sections. Sections separate food which can promote pickiness, plus kids can't learn to use a knife in those tiny areas. So we've created the Clever Plate.
The lid lets you put food away for later, re-heat food without stuff splattering everywhere or take food with you on the go. The plate is bigger than your average so that it grows with your little one from baby to toddler to school age - they're going to fit a decent amount of food in it! 
The suction base holds firmly to any smooth surface but like glue to our specially designed clever mat. Thank us later. 



  • Not too shallow and not too deep
  • Water-tight silicone lid
  • Strong suction base
  • Firm silicone to increase scooping success
  • Ridiculously easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe (to 230°)
  • Freezer safe (to -40°)
  • Free of BPA and phthalates
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Bacteria and mould resistant


Choosing silicone

Silicone is a wonder of a material in the baby world, most importantly because it’s food-safe and BPA-free. It’s also odour and stain resistant, hypoallergenic and a breeze to clean.  As it’s so long lasting and can be used time and time again, this makes silicone a much better and sustainable option compared with plastic.

When you use silicone, you’re saving the planet by choosing products that are made from natural materials (did you know it’s made from sand?!) so ka pai! Learn how to look after your silicone here.




4cm high, 19cm wide (with lid)
water tight lid
strong suction base


What age are these plates for?
From starting solids and beyond

Can older children use them?
Yes. They fit in a lot of food. 

How can I clean my silicone?
Everything goes in the dishwasher or some warm soapy water will do the job. You can also bake them! More about that here.

Where to you ship to?

We ship worldwide! We're doing our best to keep shipping prices as low as possible.