Open Cup or Sippy Cup?

Open Cup or Sippy Cup?

Did you know?

Children can drink from an open cup from the moment you start solids.
That’s right - 4, 5 and 6 month olds can be taught to drink from an open cup, and supporting them to do so has benefits for development.

1. Open cup drinking supports the development of a mature swallow.
2. It helps strengthen the muscles of the mouth that support speech
3. It promotes sipping rather than sucking which is good for jaw development
4. It prevents liquids from pooling around the upper front teeth
5. It develops their fine and gross motor skills

We’ve developed Clever Cups to cleverly teach your little one how to drink successfully from an open cup. The straight, non-slip sides are easy to grip, the inside is curved and angled so that fluids flow consistently, the base is weighted to prevent it toppling and the soft silicone is safe for developing teeth.

We’ve thought of everything.

YES you need to expect that the learning process will be messy. But there’s a good reason we don’t sell sippy cups or straw cups which are designed to reduce mess - it’s because kids are very capable when we give them the learning opportunities. Try only placing a little bit in the cup if you’re worried about mess initially. You can also try adding smoothies or watered down puree as these will flow slower so your little one isn’t caught off guard. The mess is worth it and the benefits outweigh the negatives - trust us!

Practice using your clever cup whenever you’re serving solids and your little one will be a pro in no time at all. Skip the sippy cup phase.

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