Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

What did you take to keep the kids occupied?


  • Screens. Let’s not beat around the bush. We needed them still and chill for as long as possible. Loads of Netflix and Youtube was downloaded.
  • Stickers and Sticker books – A must!
  • Our Track Tape. We used it on the seats and on the floor by the doors for the kids to drive vehicles around.
  • Pegs. Fun and can obviously be pegged onto anything or each other. Both kids loved this.
  • Hand Activated Fan. (Not the picture) My mam found them Kids loved them.
  • Our water-painting board. We filled the pens on the plan and the kids fought over it. Should have taken two. They enjoyed finger painting too.
  • Wooden Threading Toys. The aim of the game is for them to be connected so they didn’t end up all over the floor!
  • Mini versions of favourite toys. Mini trains and dolls and dinosaurs etc.
  • Creams. My kids love applying hand cream and lip balms etc. and obviously great for hydration and smelling nice!
  • Sensory Toys. Anything squishy,
  • Projector Torch - Dinosaurs
  • New toys wrapped in wrapping paper like presents. Fun opening and playing.

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