Why should you involve your child in housework?

Why should you involve your child in housework?

Steal my strategy...

Throwback Thursday! Here's my 2 year old and I folding towels together.

I love involving my kids in housework because it means I can get stuff done but for them it feels like play. PLUS it's fantastic bonding for us.

If you're struggling to involve your child, try these 3 tips:

1. Give them the BEST and MOST FUN part of the job, even if it doesn't technically need doing. E.g. Give them water to squirt if you're washing the windows.

2. Use their special interests. Can they dump out all the washing like a dump truck?! August is pretending to be a crane in this video.

3. Talk about these activities like they're positive for you too! "Ooh you and I can sort the washing together next - I'm excited. Let's throw daddy's things onto the bed!"

Give it a go next time you're overwhelmed by housework. Aren't we all?!

You've got this.

Watch the full reel here


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