Teaching Road Safety around parked cars

Teaching Road Safety around parked cars


Visual aides are incredibly helpful in helping children understand what is expected of them in any situation.

When saying "hands on the car" or "hands on the door" wasn't enough for my wandering toddler, I knew I had to come up without something more FUN and VISUALLY APPEALING for him to understand where EXACTLY I needed him to be so I could safely get his sister out of the car.

Our safe spots are available to buy in our store if you need extras for other carers and grandparents, but we give them away FREE with any order from our store because (as a speech therapist) I'm so passionate about visuals supporting language.

Just like knowing a red rectangle means 'stop' or knowing the big yellow M means 'mcdonalds', being able to read signs and symbols is part of receptive language development.
Our hand print design communicates to your child exactly where they need to be to keep their body safe in a car park - a sign that they can read all by themselves!

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