The Ultimate Guide to Toothbrushing

The Ultimate Guide to Toothbrushing


Teeth brushing can be so hard and so demoralising at the end of a long day. It's a job we HAVE TO DO as parents to keep our kid's teeth from falling out but so often they protest.

You end up dreading it. And so do they.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that we have alllllways had a struggle on our hands with our two year old when it comes to teeth brushing. My first born brushed his with zero issues - my second born fights it like her life depends on it.

Tess and I on the @youvegotthispodcast talk about all things toothbrushing, WHY some kids hate it and what on earth you can do in episode 1 of our new podcast. Plus there's a huge free resource with loads of help in there.

SO. Go and have a listen. Show us some support. Download your free resource over on patreon (free sign up too) and make things go smoother in your house.

You've got this.

Watch the full reel here

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