Getting reluctant kids into car seats

Getting reluctant kids into car seats

⬇️Steal my strategy for getting kids into car seats.

They're not being difficult for the sake of it.
Kids ALWAYS want to behave - it doesn't feel good to misbehave. And it's often not because they hate their car seat either.

It's what the car seat represent:
- it pulls them away from their play
- it can signal going to preschool / leaving you
- it means they're stuck, strapped in and they don't know how long for
- they often don't know where they're going or for how long
- it can feel hot and sweaty and restrictive
- it's somewhere they're placed against their will and often in a rush
- there's often a lot of steps to get out the house and it can become overwhelming and upsetting
- they want to feel some control

When we tell our kids we're going out in the car, it's often met with protest. This is super frustrating when you just want to get out the door and in the past we've all ended up snapping at each other and dreading the whole thing.

We've REPLACED this behaviour by suggesting something highly motivational as a bridge between leaving the house and being strapped in.

When we say "time for you guys to drive the car" they're instantly motivated to get in the car. Then they get time to play in there whilst we stand by their car seats talking about where we're off to and what we'll do there.

YES it requires more time. But it's time spent with everyone less frustrated and triggered. So it's really worth it.

Would you try this?

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