Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Did you book a seat for your 1.5 year old or did she travel on your knee?

This for sure saved our sanity!

We did book Etta her own seat (I can hear our bank account sobbing). She is in the 91st percentile for height and too big to fit into the bassinets that they offer for babies on Emirates flights. Plus she’s such an independent thing, I knew she wouldn’t want to be on anyone’s knee for over 24 hours – and we didn’t want that for ourselves either! She sat well in her own seat, and I asked for a belt extender/kids belt for her so that she COULD sit on my knee if she was struggling – she did for a couple of landings.

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Note (as an ex flighty) they are suppose to be seated on a parents lap for take off and landing if under the age of 2 regardless if they have a seat paid for. (This in for safety reasons, based on the brace position to be done correctly in the event of an emergency). Just incase anyone travels and wonders why they maybe asked.


Did you know that you can also take car seats onboard? (You just need to arrange with the airline first) I did this while flying solo with two under 3. Having my 2.5yr old sitting in his usual car seat and have it recline for sleeping was amazing. It also meant he couldn’t escape!