Surviving Sickness

Surviving Sickness

August has been really sick and it’s been tricky to get food and fluids into him. We needed to get creative! I can’t take credit for this one - my friend/August’s amazing teacher suggested we do some water play to encourage him to drink more fluids - and it totally worked!

I set up August’s play table with two tubs of water. I added cordial as he’s never had juice before and I figured that novelty would be tempting. I also added some orange because he loves it and having it floating about is also a novelty way of serving it!

I added some of our open cups, containers and some silicone straws. We took turns blowing bubbles into the water, which inevitably turned into drinking some - SCORE!! August kept saying “that water tastes lovely” which was adorable.

He was refusing everything so I tried to jazz things up by serving food in picnic style and adding sprinkles. Frozen fruit is both exciting and hydrating - it was really a case of ‘eat anything you want, son’ to get him fed. Usually I’d restrict the fruit intake but it’s been a buffet situation the past few days!

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