Parenting Hack for Overnight Accidents

Parenting Hack for Overnight Accidents

Toilet training? Here's a hack.

Our Messy Mats double as protective sheets for your child's bed, so you don't need to spent extra money when the time comes to toilet train your little one overnight.

Their super absorbency and waterproof layer make them perfect for catching big or little accidents, and you can easily switch them out overnight or in the morning whilst keeping the rest of the bed in tact.

We use them whenever our little ones are vomiting too.

The best part? They're not obsolete when your child is continent overnight - you can still use them as a picnic mat or under messy play.

Watch the full reel here when I pour a full kettle all over our messy mat!

Check out our three gorgeous designs over at, and tag a friend who's about to embark on toilet training.

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