One trick that helped our 3 year old to ride a bike

One trick that helped our 3 year old to ride a bike

The towel trick!

Turns out you don't have to break your back holding on to the back of their seat as you run!

We simply rolled up a towel length ways and placed it across his chest, under his armpits so we could hold him up from behind. This gave him the confidence to pedal independently, knowing that he couldn't fall - we were holding him up. A couple of evenings of this and he was off and away. And our backs thanked us!!

I'm so passionate about kids moving to the next stage once they've mastered a stage. Your journey might look different, but the rule of moving on once one stage is mastered, stays the same.

Our journey was:

  • 3 wheeler - learn to propel and steer
  • Balance bike - learn to balance
  • Pedal bike with stabilisers - learn to pedal
  • 12" Pedal bike with towel - learn to ride a bike
  • 16" pedal bike - ride confidently

Is your little one ready for the next stage?

Watch the full reel here

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