What makes our plates clever?

What makes our plates clever?

Divided plates CAN increase selectiveness and your child's preference for food to be separate on the plate.

Plates with sections are everywhere these days, and I definitely fell into the trap of buying some in the beginning of my weaning journey with my own two kids. They're certainly not going to ruin your child, but more and more nutritionists are suggesting that parents choose non-divided plates from the beginning to prevent preferences for foods to not touch.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of non-divided suction plates on the market, we decided to design our own!

Clever Plate with lid:

🍽️ No sections. Allows food to touch (as it should!) which can reduce/prevent pickiness around mixed textures

🍽️ Open space allows for knife and fork practice with our Clever Cutlery

🍽️ Water-tight lid so you can store leftovers for later or take food on the go

🍽️ Resembles an adult plate. No frills, smiley faces or animal shapes. Our kids don't need those things to eat - they need lots of food exposure and good modelling from Us.

🍽️ Sturdy, straight, high edges. These help guide your little one's spoon or fork up to their mouth. Less food falls off the plate!

🍽️ Superior suction base sticks to most surfaces but sticks to our Clever Mats LIKE GLUE.

🍽️ Food safe, 100% silicone

🍽️ Dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe

Check them out and our full range of Clever Mealtime Essentials 

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