Teething Solution: Milk Pops

Teething Solution: Milk Pops

This is a total game changer for a teething babe. Any silicone feeder will do! Ours is the b.box silicone feeder and was purchased from the Chemist Warehouse.

If you're breastfeeding, milk pops can be a lifesaver when your baby is teething. I just catch a bit of a let down and pour it into a small ice cube mould. This was from a $2 shop. I protected it from contamination using a ziplock bag.

Ice cube tray

Freeze it for a bit and pop it out. Put it into a silicone feeder for your baby. The icy milk will soothe their gums, plus they're practising feeding skills.

NOTE: from what I can Google, this won't work with formula. Do your own research if you're looking to try it with formula.

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