Messy Chin for the Win!

Messy Chin for the Win!

Its actually really unhelpful to scrape your child’s mouth after every spoonful if you’re spoon feeding them and here’s why.

Your little one is just learning to receive food and then manipulate it in their mouth and then swallow it safely. So whilst they’re doing that It’s not helpful to feel a spoon scraping across their chin – its unnatural.

Can you imagine scraping your face every time you took a mouthful of something? It would feel awful. It’s much better to just let them get a little bit messy and gently wipe them down with a cloth at the end or in the middle.

Kids need to learn to feel okay with mess on their faces so they can take big bites of things like sandwiches and watermelon without getting all freaked out about it.

Also they need that sensory feeling of ‘mmm somethings on my face’ in order to learn to wipe and care for themselves.

So let’s all get messy and avoid scraping. Check out my other video about not scraping food off the top lip, avoid scraping the bottom lip. Let’s just stop scraping our kids. And let’s get as messy as possible!

Watch the full reel here

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