How to Stop Food Throwing at the Table

How to Stop Food Throwing at the Table

4 Tips to Stop Food Throwing.

Prevention is ALWAYS the best strategy when dealing with any behaviour.

Okay so you’re diligently saying “I can’t let you do that” when your little one is throwing food, but they’re still launching stuff from the table every meal time. So you’re like Zazi… this isn’t working.

Well here’s my answer:
Saying I won’t let you do that is a kind and calm way of responding. And is ensuring that you’re not looking too excited. Because remember a big response makes our children want to do something again. It’s exciting. But the best way to overcome any unwanted behaviour is to prevent it.

Prevent it and praise the good behaviour instead.

Here are some strategies for preventing food throwing.

  1. Always provide a discard bowl
  2. Hardly put anything on the plate
  3. Sit at the table and model eating all the time
  4. Observe and try to predict when your little one’s going to throw something

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