How to get Dinner Cooked with a Toddler Around

How to get Dinner Cooked with a Toddler Around

Get your dinner cooked by involving your little one in the kitchen with you. They just need something to do!

Give them a load of things from your kitchen and I swear they’ll be so engrossed that you’ll have the meal made in no time. If they can help with real food prep even better - but sometimes you just need to get it done.

It doesn’t even have to be a task the needs doing. As long as it’s related to cooking and they’re near you. That’s all they want.

There wasn’t really any tasks that Etta could do when I was cooking today. So I gave her some dried pasta and a pan and had her put those in there. This kept her busy for ages and whenever she was looking bored, I just added some extra implements. Like some spoons and a whisk. This is great for food exposure and for giving you a minutes peace and it’s so much better than the telly.

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