Do pouches and feeding bottles affect feeding development?

Do pouches and feeding bottles affect feeding development?

Messy is best.

I think squeezy pouches and feeding bottles and smoothie cups with straws have become more and more popular because people don’t want the mess. I get it - kids get themselves filthy.

But EVERY TIME your child eats their meals out of one of these things, they’re missing out on a learning opportunity. They can’t learn to master how liquid flows in a normal cup if smoothies are always through a straw. They can’t get less messy and more coordinated with their yoghurt if they don’t have opportunities to self feed with a spoon. They don’t learn how much is too much to put in their mouth and how to manage it safely and effectively if all meals are put in a squeezy bottle to self feed.

Give your little one the best chance of getting started with solids by only giving pouches and bottles on the go when necessary. The rest of the time let’s embrace the mess and give them opportunities to learn.

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You’ve got this.

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