Choosing Textures for your Weaning Baby

Choosing Textures for your Weaning Baby

Just thought I’d touch base on where we are with solids for Etta. So we’re doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning and we’ve already moved into sort of like a chunkier texture. Take a look at our bowl there.


It’s a mixture of like spaghetti bolognese and pasta which I’ve lightly blended so there’s still lumps of pasta in there because I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re spoon feeding their little one is keeping them at the same texture for too long and that I need to move through those stages to develop the oral skills to and people are worried about choking that they often take it really slow, but once your kid has mastered purees, once you can see that they can take a puree and swallow it, they’re done with purees. Its time to move to the next stage.

Don’t get caught up on those numbers that are on the packets.

For example you know saying oh this is the six month packet so I must eat this. You now it’s time to move on to new texture once your child has mastered one of them.

So we’re doing that and we’re also doing little bits of fruit so she can learn to manage those in her mouth and swallow them.

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