5 ways to stop food throwing at mealtimes

5 ways to stop food throwing at mealtimes

Don't come after your tiny baby. They're just learning about the world and how things work. But from approx age 11m and up, your little one knows that you don't like food being thrown on the floor. They're testing YOU! Plus it's fun!! And their only job is to play. So it's important you stay kind, calm and hold your dinner time boundaries.

Remember - any attention is good attention, so if you do a big dramatic thing when they throw something, they're more likely to do it again!! Even if you were shouting / being unkind. They'll think WOWWWW my parent did a funny thing when I chucked that! I'll try it again next time. Then you'll both be in a rut.

Try these strategies instead. Let me know how it goes!

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