3 Ways to Make Starting Solids Successful

3 Ways to Make Starting Solids Successful

3 tips from a speech and language therapist to support your little one to start solids. Because it's such a big step in your little one's journey and there is so much conflicting information online. These 3 points stay the same.

1️⃣ Eat with your child.
Not only is this fantastic for safety because you're close and focussed on them, it's a fantastic model. You're demonstrating to them exactly how we engage with food and use our utensils.

2️⃣ Let them feed themselves.
The food-to-mouth milestone is developed at around the 6 month mark and is an important one! Kids need lots of opportunities to get their hands on food, so spoon feeding every time would give them fewer chances to practice.

3️⃣ Let them get messy.
Messy is best, people! It allows for children to explore their senses which in turn supports brain development and maturity. Playing with food is fantastic exposure to tastes, smells and temperatures of food, so get your less-mess bib on and let them go to town with it.

Did you follow any of these with your little one? How did it go? Let me know in the comments.


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