3 Tips for Better Spoon Feeding

3 Tips for Better Spoon Feeding

How to spoon feed your baby?

Now of course you know how to do this but you can’t do better until you know better and there are some better ways.

Grab your clever spoons. These are great length for you to hold and feed your baby.

The raised bumps here give your baby some feedback of how far the spoon should go into their mouth.

But most importantly the spoon head is the right size for tiny mouths.

There’s so many spoons on the market that are huge.

  1. You want your child to come towards the spoon with an open mouth.
  2. Don’t scrape the spoon off the top of your child’s teeth, gums or lip.
  3. Because they don’t have great lip closure, often food is going to start pulling around here.

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