Supportive Chairs for Successful Mealtimes

Supportive Chairs for Successful Mealtimes

The importance of a good high chair really isn't talked about enough and it should be.
Do any of these sound like your baby?
✅Is fussy at the table
✅Wants the meal to be over asap
✅Is easily distractable and uninterested
✅Leans to the side
✅Pulls their legs up close to their body.
✅Only uses one hand to eat
✅Is struggling using utensils
✅Crosses their legs during the meal
✅Puts their feet on the tray
✅Avoids the high chair all together
Then it's PROBABLY because they're not supported enough by their high chair.

We all need support when we eat. Imagine you're sitting on a really high bar stool and there's nowhere to put your legs? You'd feel uncomfortable right? Or imagine trying to eat whilst you're reclined on the sofa - it's just not as easy. That's what it can feel like for babies when their high chairs arent offering support - and it's even harder for them because they haven't mastered tools yet!!

The BEST position for anyone when they're sitting is: torso at 90° to thighs, knees bent at 90°, feet at 90° to calves. Unfortunately - very few high chair companies have thought about that. This is even more important to babies who have low tone. So many of the high chairs out there have big, soft bucket seats that cradle children into a reclined position - no wonder they're having difficulty learning to coordinate using a spoon! Do YOU lie back to eat?!

A good chair also needs to grow with your baby. They're going to want to sneak out of their high chairs into more adult seating asap and they'll be very convincing about it - but they won't be big enough to achieve that perfect 90° positioning. Who has a fussy 2-5yo?! Have a think about their positioning!
These chairs are adjustable so you can change it as they grow. 

We have a @stokke_nz Tripp Trapp. There's a good few on the market that look similar - they're not all safety tested to be used appropriately so do your research. 

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