What to say when your child is angry

What to say when your child is angry

A script to make it easier.

Tantrums are part of normal development.
They’re a sign your little one is comfortable to share their emotions around you.

They can be really triggering and hard to observe, but remember that this is your child expressing their full range of emotions and communicating with you.
Their brains are under developed and they don’t know what else to do.

Being angry/tantrumming doesn’t feel good for them either.

Staying calm and understanding that this is a feeling that will pass will help you too.

When we stay calm and unphased by big feelings, our children can release them all into the world and feel some stress relief. All that pent up energy has left them and you’ve been a safe space in which they could do that.

When we meet a child’s anger with anger of our own, we show them we’re not a safe place for their emotions. We stop them from communicating and we make them feel ashamed.

Emotional regulation (learning to cope with emotions and move through them safely) starts with us as their teachers. They can’t Learn from us unless we model it.

So take a deep breath, remember that you’ve gone this and their outburst isn’t personal, and follow this script.

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