Teach your child to calm down with Frozen

Teach your child to calm down with Frozen

Practice practice practice.

We need to do more of this for ourselves - let's face it.

If you're feeling triggered and shouty because of your child (don't we all) then it's time we practiced ways of calming ourselves. Self soothing.

How can we expect our kids to do this if we don't model it for them or practice it with them?

Calming, mindfulness strategies are only a google away - youtube has heaps of them for you to learn when your little one is asleep then apply when they're awake and happy. Have fun practising together.

We love playing the frozen game. You can even pretend you're Elsa. Cast a spell to make everyone freeze - practice tensing up all of your body into a frozen statue, then melting together into a puddle on the floor. Then let them be in charge of casting the spell. Voila - you've practiced a self-regulation tool. And it was fun.

Later, when your child is becoming dysregulated, you could say "Wow I think I need a freeze break. I'm going to freeze my body and then melt". Model it for them. They might want to join in. Either way, at least one of you will be calm.

Watch the full reel here

Try it. You've got this.

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