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Type: Bath spot

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Say goodbye to mouldy bath mats!

Slip-Safe Spots are a fun and effective alternative to the ugly bath mats of old. Because they're semi-permanent, you can stick them in all the smooth, slippy surfaces in your bathroom and then just forget about them. Your bathroom will look cute and your little one will thank you for fewer head-bumps. 

GRIPPY AND SAFE: Each Slip-Safe Spot is made from BPA/PVC-free material, creating enough friction to prevent slipping whilst still being gentle on sensitive skin.

EASY TO INSTALL: Peel the backing off each sticker and apply to your bath, shower or tiles. Ensure that the surfaces are completely dry and free of any chemicals, fluff or dust for the best stick. Smooth down carefully using the smoothing tool provided to remove any air bubbles. Leave for 24hours before submerging. Do not apply over grout. Watch our how-to video here:

EASY TO CLEAN: With a low profile and an super-strong adhesive, you can clean right over the top of the treads with standard household cleaners allowing you to keep your tub safe and squeaky clean (if you can be bothered!).

REMOVES CLEANLY: If you need to remove the Slip-Safe Spots, you can do so without worrying about damaging the tub surface. They most often remove cleanly, but you can remove any residue with a household cleaner or specialised sticky stuff remover like de-solv-it. Boiling water also helps to melt the adhesive.

Not for use on refinished, painted, varnished or non-smooth surfaces, including cast iron enamel baths.

GREAT COVERAGE: Each pack comes with 8 colourful Slip-Safe spots (each with 18cm circles), providing  coverage for 1 or more little ones in the bath. For next-level coverage, grab two packs!

 Please note, it is important to let product stand for 24 hours before using. 


  • It's important to ALWAYS closely supervise children when they're bathing to prevent fatal accidents. 
  • Never leave your child unattended in the bath, even for a moment.
  • This product has been independently tested by a laboratory for physical and mechanical hazards, flammability, migration of elements and unsafe chemicals.



  • Come in a pack of 8 
  • BPA & PVC free
  • Grippy surface means worry-free baths for parents
  • Peel & stick installation
  • Smoothing tool included
  • Won't damage the tub
  • Easy to clean


18cm diameter circles


What surfaces can I stick Slip-Safe Spots to?

Slip-Safe spots stick to smooth surfaces like your bath, shower tray and some tiles. Run your fingers across the surface in mind - if it feels as smooth as a counter top or a window, Slip-Safe spots will stick well. They're not suitable for refinished, painted, varnished or non-smooth surfaces. Do not use in cast iron enamel baths.

What about baths and showers with bumpy, raised bits?

You can cut your slips safe spots to fit around bumps or the plug hole. Do not place fully or partly over raised bumps as you won't get a full seal of the adhesive and water will sneak underneath. 

How do I remove them?

We recommended pouring boiling water on your spots, leaving them a little while for the adhesive to melt, then peeling off. Be careful to pull up the adhesive at the same time as the high friction material. If you're left with any residue, use a sticky stuff remover like de-solv-it which can be purchased from most supermarkets or hardware stores.

Are these suitable for rental properties?

Yes! We have used them in two rental properties to date. They don't last forever and can be fully removed.

How long do they last?

Nothing last's forever and the longevity of your spots depends on how well you stick them initially and how they're used on a day to day basis. 

How do I clean my bath/shower/floor when Slip-Safe Spots are installed?

Just clean as usual. Your spots will stay in place.

I have another question...

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