Reduce Bickering

Reduce Bickering

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In no way am I expecting that my kids are going to get along all the time and not bicker, fight and struggle against each other.

They're young, they're learning and their combined language skills don't always add up to being able to come to a mutual agreement about play!

But what Jon and I CAN CONTROL is how often we pit the children against each other.

We'd for sure gotten into a bad habit of having them race and compete in order to get a task done, like "first one in the car gets to choose a song".
But this was causing more conflict between them and resentment when the other lost. Our brief gains (kids got in the car quickly) were damaging their relationship.

SO... We've made a conscious decision to try some new strategies - starting with putting them on the same team.

Our language over the past few days has been VERY team based.

"Right team kids, can you two work together to build a fort?"

"Team kids vs team adults - who can make it to the bathroom first?"

"I love how you two are working as a team"

"You guys play so well together, it must feel good to have such a good friend living in your house".

This kinda language feels CLUNKY at first but mannn does it work. The kids seem empowered are are involving each other a little more.
Neither are trampling the other in order to win. It'd a great first step.

If you're OVER your kids fighting - start tomorrow with this strategy. Share with other care givers and family to get them on board too - it's for sure an adult team effort too!!

You've got this.


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