After School Meltdowns

After School Meltdowns


My kids, like most kids, are often super dysregulated after a full day of preschool.

They’re tired, hangry, sick of transitions, interested in all their toys but unable to settle into play.

It’s always tempting to just turn on the TV (and in reality, sometimes that has to happen) but these are our go-to strategies to help them to regulate, re-adjust and get back into play.


Activities like pushing, pulling, squeezing, carrying, lifting, jumping and climbing activate a child’s muscles and joints through the proprioreceptive system. This system helps our kids know where their bodies are in space, and activation of it regulates the sensory system. Here my kids are lifting heavy pillows, throwing, jumping and crashing. It looks mad but it’s regulating!!

never underestimate the power of a camp. Camps create a small, dark, quieter space that are soothing for a child’s sensory system because sensory input like light, sound, noise and touch is all dampened and softened. What feels like a fun adventure to them can actually be incredibly calming, and you can make a camp in seconds with a blanket or sheet draped over anything in your house.

We all know how it feels to be HANGRY. The low blood sugar from being hungry can make the body produce more cortisol and adrenaline, often resulting in unwanted behaviours from kids. They get all agitated and angry - like we all do. Today we gave our kids their Kai in a camp - so they could eat in a quiet, dark space.

👏what are your go-to strategies to help your kids after pre-school/school?! Share to help other families!

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