How I Respond when August Snatches Toys from Etta

How I Respond when August Snatches Toys from Etta

I never record my kids when they’re struggling because that’s when they’re vulnerable and need me most, but I caught this by accident and thought it might be a good example to share.

When Etta or August want something that someone else has, I loudly talk about them having their full turn.

In public, this helps other parents know that I’ve got it in hand and they don’t need to make their kid give up a toy for my kid.

Remember – toddler can’t share. Developmentally, they’re just not there yet. And sharing is essentially giving over the thing you were enjoying which isn’t fair.

I never let August snatch and keep that thing because that reinforces that snatching works and I never make Etta give away the thing she was enjoying.

If both kids were the same age, I’d likely sportscast (say what I see them doing) as they work it out between themselves, but there’s a power imbalance here.

I stay close to reinforce the boundary and I don’t meet August’s frustration/aggression with frustration of my own. Keep your voice calm and non-threatening.

Watch the full reel here

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