How I Deal with my Toddler at Throwing and Bashing Stuff

How I Deal with my Toddler at Throwing and Bashing Stuff

This kind of throwing and basking play is all part of learning and all part of development, so I don’t want to quash it even though it sometimes can be really annoying and really  loud.

There are some rules – I don’t want anything broken.

So in my house, I enforced those rules by teaching August what was soft and what was hard. We’d identify the soft things then have loads of fun throwing. Think teddies and those soft balls.

So he was still allowed to do that fun thing but within reason.

August, I can’t let you throw that. Thats a hard thing. Choose a soft thing to throw.

Once he was confident with that was hard and what was soft, we extended that to hitting. Bash one of his plastic spoons off the carpet but not off the concrete.

It still happens, but I say August, that’s a hard thing hitting a hard thing. You can hit a hard thing onto soft things.

With these rules in place August can still learn through playing and experimenting with all of his toys without breaking anything.

It means there’s more yes’s in my house and way less often do I have to say no.

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