Bath Refusal Struggles?

Bath Refusal Struggles?

Bath refusal?

Many kids go through phases of suddenly finding the bath or shower a really stressful place. We can't always put a finger on what triggers such a response, it can be a totally unrelated reason. But don't worry - you can get back on track and get your kid loving the bath again!

Play is a child's default setting, so let's get back to some play basics.

A great way to re-set your little one's feelings about the bathroom space is to play in there, so they experience good feelings in the bathroom. That includes in the bath!

Dial body washes back to a flannel wash - it'll be fine. It won't be for long.

Make the bathroom fun experiences only. Set up some play in the bath WITHOUT water - like cars or even painting.

Once your little one is coming into the empty bath more readily and without protesting, the next step will be to set up play that has a very shallow amount of tepid water.

Keep playing and building up the level of water until your child is comfortable again.

Give them as much control as you can - how much water to out in, what bubble bath to use, why toys go in etc. When they feel more in control, they'll feel safer.

You've got this :)

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