What to say when your child is testing boundaries

What to say when your child is testing boundaries

Become untriggered.

They're doing what they're supposed to be doing. Kids test limits - it's part of brain development. It's a good thing.

Try not to take it personally- instead fill up your toolbox with strategies that can work in the moment to redirect them.

Remember - behaviour is always communication. Do they want your attention? Are they bored? Are they wondering what this sounds like when it's banged? Are they asking "what will you do if I do this, mummy?".

You can pass this test by seeing it as just that - a little test. A message. That you can redirect and support without burning bridges.

If redirecting by telling them what they can do doesn't work - then ok - it's time for you to gently step in and stop them. Not with threatening or with malice - with the vibe of "ok you're struggling with your impulses and I'm here to help you and get to the bottom of what you need".

Try it! Tag a parent who's struggling with big behaviours.

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