Why you shouldn't say 'Stop being silly"

Why you shouldn't say 'Stop being silly"

We’ve all said it.

But we can all say something more helpful when we know better.

The more silly - the more dysregulated your child is.

If your child is laughing at you when you’re trying to be serious - then remember that they’re not actually laughing AT you they’re being silly because they feel so uncomfortable.

Kids truly want to behave. It feels better in their bodies, so when they’re being silly and ‘annoying’ - that’s a clear clear sign that they’re feeling out of control and uncomfortable- they’re communicating that to us with their bodies.

It’s ok for kids to get silly. They CAN and WILL be louder than adults in public. It’s truly a sad day when they grow out of that and conform to the mundane. So first think “so I actually NEED to rein this in, or is my child just expressing themselves how they need to right now?”.

You’ve got this.

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