Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

We do this so often for our 3 year old - they’re so easy to throw together and the best bit is that you can use the same hunt again and again.

When my mam makes these, she takes photos of places around her house using her phone and then prints mini versions of them in black and white. She keeps the prints in a drawer so that she can recreate the hunt whenever August needs a new activity.

Pour the language in! Talk about WHERE you’re looking together - this uses lots of prepositional language (like in, on, under, next to, near etc).

Give them to proper names for things - I always refer to my plants by the name of the plant! Kids can pick that sort of thing up easy with lots of repetition.

If your child struggles with saying “me” instead of “I” you could practice the phrase “I found a clue!” Every time you do!

Happy playing! Tag us if you try it.

Watch the full reel here

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