Save your recycling!

Save your recycling!

Egg cartons + multiples from nature = A recipe for so many play and learning opportunities.

My kids LOVE collecting conkers, acorns or stones on our walks out in nature. They're the Gold standard of heuristic loose parts!!
When we add egg cartons, the play naturally evolves into counting, sorting, shop role-play, loading, tipping and pouring. And the kids LOVE IT.
With so many play opportunities comes lots of chances for conversation, new vocabulary and turn taking.

If you want to do more messy play but want to keep the mess to a minimum - I can't recommend collecting stuff from nature enough. Not only is the commenting part a fun, language rich activity - you'll probably be surprised how long your child can busy themselves with stones and egg cartons!
Add some other kitchen bits like measuring cups, spoons and bowls and you're all set.

What do you guys gather from nature?! I'd love to hear your ideas.

Watch the full reel here

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