Rules I stick to at the Park

Rules I stick to at the Park

Are you holding your child back?!

It can feel like we're helping when we're holding our child's hand for balance, helping them to climb and putting them on the top of the slide for the experience.

But what can actually be happening is that we're putting them in positions that they're not yet safe in. Their bodies aren't getting to feel the effort required to climb up high so they don't know how high they are or how to get down. They get a false sense of security on that balance beam so don't know how to balance without you. They're on a slide suddenly but were perfectly content pottering around at the bottom.

Following your child's lead at the park can make all the difference. Instead of helping them do what you think they'd like to do, follow them and play with them at their level. You could say "i can't hold your hand but I'm close by to help if you get into trouble".

It's not too late to turn it around now!

They've got this and you've got this!

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