Pouring Practice

Pouring Practice

I sometimes think mums feel overwhelmed about doing activities with their kids when insta accounts show perfectly colourful wooden play set ups with posh resources and autumnal lighting 😂

Reality is - you can teach your kid everything they need to know with stuff lying around your house. So this 'montessori style' pouring activity is just as valid with an old cup and tea pot with bottles of wine in the background!!! It's time to look at what you already own and shape that stuff into an activity. You don't need an insta-worthy bamboo bowl and organic hand carved wooden spoon equivalent 😂

I chucked this pouring activity at August when I wanted to get the cooking done quickly to avoid meltdown from everyone, and there wasn't much he could help with. I put a towel down on the counter, gave him my @t2tea teapot which magically pours from the bottom (what could be more exciting) and an old mug full of water. Voila - pouring practice. He stood in his learning tower and did this for aaaages.

Well pouring takes more thinking than you could imagine. Kids need to learn how much energy it takes to pick up the cup without spilling, how to eyeball amounts, the angles to tip at, when to stop to avoid overflow, what happens if you pour fast? What happens if you pour slow? What to do if it all goes everywhere?

Pouring is an important every-day skill (think milk on cereal, water in mug, medicine onto a spoon) so it's a good thing to practice through water play before they get their hands on the real thing!!

We've been setting up pouring experiences since Auggie was about 1. Never underestimate your little one.

When does your toddler practice their pouring skills?

Watch August practice his pouring here

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