The Recipe for Trying New Foods

The Recipe for Trying New Foods

I was given this “The Gruffalo” cook book for August at my baby shower for him! I just stumbled across it again and he’s JUST at the right stage to be engrossed in it!

Kids cook books are fab. They’re all about making the food fun and into interesting shapes and they’re never too tricky to make.

There’s a big variety of foods in this one - for sure some things that august won’t have tried. There’s also things he HAS tried but that are mixed with things we don’t typically cook. It’s often when textures and flavours are mixed that our toddlers freak out, so the excitement of following a recipe might just be the thing that helps them to try something new.

Worst comes to worst they might just try some of the raw ingredients!! All the smells and interacting with the textures is also excellent exposure if you have a picky eater.

I highly recommend enjoying a kids cook book together - this gruffalo one is fab.

Watch the full reel here

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