Making Pizza

Making Pizza

We LOVE to cook together. I set up all the ingredients so August can be as successful and independent as possible. Having everything ready to go keeps the activity moving and ensures your little one doesn’t lose interest!


August LOVES to cook in the kitchen and I love it too because he’s exposed to new foods, smells and textures and I know that the more he experiences, the more foods he’s likely to try.

Other benefits include:

  • He’ll learn how to make different recipes
  • He’ll be developing fine motor and gross motor skills as he manipulates different tools and foods
  • His language bank will be filled up with new vocabulary as I speak to him
  • HIs concept knowledge will be strengthened, e.g. counting, full/empty, big/small
  • He’s learning to listen to directions, keep them in his working memory, then carry them out
  • And he’s having fun. Smiling, feeling good, making memories, connecting with his mammy

Kids learn more when they feel good! So get cooking together!

Let me know below your fave recipes to cook with your kids.

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