Frozen Banana Yoghurt Pops

Frozen Banana Yoghurt Pops

I totally regret not making these WITH August today so I'm sharing them with you so you can be better than me!

How: chop a banana in half, shove lolly sticks into each half, dip in yoghurt and sprinkle with fun stuff. Chuck on a plate in the freezer for an hour.

If you don't have lolly sticks you could easily stick spoon handles into bananas.

banana yoghurt pops

TOO EASY NOT TO TRY and could be a winner way to re-introduce bananas to a child that has gone off them.

INVOLVE THEM! I'm going to re-do this tomorrow with August. He would love to post sticks into fruit and dip things in yoghurt and put sprinkles on the top. It'll be messy but it'll be fab - you could easily prepare them outside as an activity and then bring them in to freeze.

See how we made them here

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