A Fun Way to Introduce New Foods to Your Toddler

A Fun Way to Introduce New Foods to Your Toddler

Play can make everything easier.

If you're looking to introduce some new foods to your child, doing so through play can make all the difference.

Invite their toy friends into a new room, make a camp or just throw a sheet over something. You could even put a sheet over the kitchen table and eat underneath.
The trick here is the novelty of somewhere new. It feels like a fun picnic and any pressure they may have previously felt to eat whilst sitting in their high chair just disappears.
If you join in, eat your own plate of the same foods and role play feeding items to their toys at a tea party, the more likely they are to engage with new foods, next textures and new smells. Even if they don't eat them on that occasion.

Embrace the mess, guys. A few crumbs in the bedroom is worth it for these gorgeous experiences with your child. Messy is best!

Do you have picnics around your home? Share your ideas below for other parents.

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