Why saying "Don't Cry" can be Harmful (and what to say instead)

Why saying "Don't Cry" can be Harmful (and what to say instead)

Remember: it's not our job to stop our kids from crying. It's ok to cry. It's our job to show them that we can cope with any and every emotion they have.

Did you know that saying things to our kids like “stop crying” or “it’s okay, don’t cry. You don’t need to cry” can do more harm than good.

Kids need to cry. We’re born crying.

We cry to ask for help and we cry when pain is unbearable. So crying is good for our psychological and our physical health. When our bodies cry, we’re releasing oxytocin which is known as the love hormone. It actually makes us feel better. We’re also releasing endorphins which reduce stress and relieve pain so we don’t wanna be stopping our children from crying. We want our children to know that we’re okay with them crying. We can deal with it. We’re safe people. It’s safe to cry around us even though inside crying can be triggering for us.

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