Unwanting Parenting Advice from Relatives at Christmas

Unwanting Parenting Advice from Relatives at Christmas

Times change.

We wear seatbelts now. They took the cocaine out of coca cola. Spanking was made illegal. We don't give infants alcohol.

What seemed normal and acceptable to previous generations is now not so, and the same goes for parenting strategies.

This generation of parents have a whole world of research at their fingertips and we now know smarter ways of parenting our children without threats, manipulation, smacking, locking in bedrooms and biting kids back.

Just because someone "survived" a parenting strategy back in the day, doesn't mean it's the best approach. Neither does it prove that they weren't negatively effected in other ways.

Stick to your guns this Christmas. You know your child best. You know they deserve unwavering respect, love and connection. You know they thrive on routine. You know that tantrums are age appropriate. You don't expect them to behave perfectly all the time. You know that all behaviour is communication. You know that if they're disregulated, they need you to be their calm.

Back your child and back yourself.

You've got this. You really do.

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