Christmas Affirmations for Parents

Christmas Affirmations for Parents

You've got this.

Christmas is wonderful but it's SO different from a typical day - we HAVE to expect some difficult behaviours.

Whilst adults love the anticipation of a big event, all the unknown of Christmas and presents can be a lot for children to cope with. Kids thrive on routine and Christmas is far from routine!

Add to that adults hyping them up, a change in schedule, different foods, different smells, different people, different environments and it's no wonder kids get overwhelmed.

But remember - children aren't being difficult to test you and they certainly aren't being 'ungrateful'. They're just struggling to cope with it all and they're asking for our help. It's when they need us the most.
It's a cry for connection.

Responding to your child with calmness and connection is NOT spoiling them and NOT mollycoddling them so don't be told otherwise. You don't need to explain yourself to relatives - you just do what you know is best your your child in that moment. You've got your child's back when they need you the most.

You're doing an excellent job and you've totally got this.

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