This one change can support your child to behave better

This one change can support your child to behave better

Up to the challenge?

Quick win for supporting your little one’s behaviour today. Look for moments to praise them. If you can double the count of praise you give them this afternoon.

When you’re looking for good behaviour and praising the good behaviour they’re more likely to engage in good behaviour. And it doesn’t have to be some sort of amazing behaviour. They don’t have to be cleaning your bathroom. Making meals for orphans.

Good behaviour it’s just any behaviour that isn’t negative bad behaviour.

It’s as easy as saying what they’re doing in a positive friendly voice.

You’re building those blocks so high.
You’re being so sensible with that hammer.
Love how careful you’re being with that.
You look relaxed just like me.
It’s so nice to feel relaxed.
Good idea taking your shoes off now we’re home.


Little bits of praise like that play into your child’s internal monologue that they’re good kids so they’re more likely to act like good kids. Not all the time. No child is an angel, but this is definitely going to improve things for you.

So double your praise this afternoon today and see what happens.

You’ve got this.

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